Mira Belous was born in 1917 in Odessa, Ukraine, the only child of Abram, a German-educated doctor, and Yelena, a nurse. Active participants in the Russian Civil War, Belous’ parents were kidnapped and narrowly escaped execution by the Makhnovist Bandits (followers of an anarchist-communist revolutionary who refused to join the Bolsheviks) during her infancy. Having graduated from the Medical Institute of Odessa, Belous was working as a doctor in a clinic in Kazan when war erupted. She was immediately assigned to a naval medical unit transporting wounded soldiers and refugees along the Volga River, where she witnessed terrified Jews fleeing Poland and Eastern Ukraine. By December 1941, winter conditions prevented further water transport and Belous was transferred to battlefront hospitals, first at the Central Front and then at the 1st Belorussian Front. Hospitals were assembled in any workable locations: in dugouts, in abandoned schools, in old veterinary hospitals. Operations and other medical treatments were often performed under heavy bombardment and with improvised equipment. Nonetheless, Belous describes her years spent at the front as some of the happiest days of her life, despite the innumerable hardships she suffered. She was young, enormously patriotic, fighting for her beloved “Motherland” and saving people’s lives. After the war, Belous returned to Odessa and resumed her work as a civilian medical doctor. In 1947 she married Eliezer and gave birth to their daughter Irina. Belous and her family and immigrated to Israel in 1991.

Family kidnapped during Russia's Civil War.

An unfavorable Jewish reputation had permeated Russia.

Memories of a friendly and respectful German people before the war.

Fighting to defend the Motherland.