Asma (Asya) Yankelevna Gindina was born June 12, 1925 in Volodarsk-Volynsk, Ukraine. Her father was a math teacher, and served as a cantor in the local synagogue. Kosher and the Sabbath were observed by the family and Yiddish was spoken at home. Before the war Asya completed seven grades, as well as two years of medic training. As the Germans were entering Volodarsk-Volynsk, Asya fled and in Saratov Oblast she was enlisted in a medical battalion. In 1942 Asya served as a medic in the Battle of Stalingrad. She evacuated wounded soldiers from the battlefield, including a tank-man who had been left for dead in a burning tank by others. In 1948 they married. Gindina served as a medic through battles in Ukraine and Belarus, and was herself wounded three times. She celebrated victory in Berlin. After the war Gindina became a nurse, assisted in surgeries, and cared for infants. Asya Gindina and her husband had eight children. In 1989 she immigrated to the US. Interview recorded in Brooklyn, 2013.


Evacuating the wounded in Stalingrad: the soldier in a burned tank.

We, the girls, were sneaking food to German prisoners.