Sheftl Abramovich Zisser was born in 1922 in Tulchin, Vinnitsa oblast, Ukraine. In 1939 he graduated from school and enrolled in university, but in October of the same year he was drafted to the Red Army and assigned to a training unit, where he became a specialist as a machine-gunner for the stationary “Maxim” machine-gun. In June 1941 he participated in battles as a machine-gunner. While trying to get out of German encirclement, he was wounded. After being discharged from hospital, he returned to the front as a machine-gunner in an infantry regiment. In 1944, after being seriously wounded during battle near Vitebsk, was declared unfit for military service. Awarded the medal “For Battle Merit” and an Order of the Patriotic War. After demobilization worked at a factory producing medals and orders. Immigrated to the United States in 1922. Interview was conducted in Southfield, MI, 2007.

Jewish life in Tulchin, before and after the war.

First battle, actions and impressions.

A negative attitude toward veterans immediately after the war.

Drafted, Zisser leaves home on Yom Kippur.

Red Army soldiers take revenge on wounded German soldiers.