Leonard Simonovich Polyak was born on October 28, 1924 in Leningrad. Before the start of war, he completed nine grades of school. In July 1941 Leonard Polyak's father, Simon, left home with the People's Militia to defend Leningrad and went missing in action. Beginning in August 1941 Polyak worked as an electrician in a shipbuilding plant in encircled Leningrad. Drafted in August 1942, Polyak was sent to military training, radio communications, and was then deployed to serve in the 34th Communications Regiment of the 8th Army, Volkhov Front. Key responsibilities included providing communications between the 8th Army's artillery command battery and units constructing new communications junctures. He celebrated the war’s victory in Tallinn, Estonia. After demobilization, Polyak completed evening school at LITMO, (Leningrad Institute of Fine Mechanics and Optics), and worked at a plant in the shipbuilding industry that manufactured submarine equipment. In 1993 Polyak immigrated to the United States. Interview was recorded in Southfield MI, in 2007. 

Digging trenches and catching the last train back to Leningrad in early September, 1941.

Offending someone at the front lines was dangerous. 

A day at work, inside blockaded Leningrad.