Evgeniya Grigorievna Aluf, maiden name Rozenblum, was born on June 26 1920 in Ulla Village, Vitebsk oblast, Belarus. After completing 7th grade, Aluf moved to Leningrad to pursue an education in medical services. On June 23, 1941 Aluf was sent to the Front where she served as a nurse at the Kalininsky, Western, Central, 3rd Belorussian and 4th Ukrainian Fronts. Surviving a serious injury, she was awarded with the medal “For Battle Merit,” Order of the Red Star and Order of the Great Patriotic War, 1st degree.  Demobilized in 1946, Aluf returned briefly to Leningrad and then moved to Odessa where she worked at a health center.  Throughout her career, she received 14 official government letters of recognition for her professional accomplishments.  Interview was recorded in Moscow in 2006.  

Beautiful summer days in Leningrad and departure for the front.

Wounded on native Belorussian soil.