10,272 ITEMS  |  80% DIGITIZED  |  10% CATALOGED



More than 10,000 visually stunning postcards offer a unique and diverse mosaic of Jewish life and culture from the late 19th through the mid-20th century. The collection displays various production formats and techniques, including photographic printing, lithographic, hand-drawn, and mechanical. There are hundreds of credited artists, editors, publishers, and printers, but many contributors are unlisted and remain unknown. The picture, photo, and text postcards capture Jewish people and places in Western and Eastern Europe, Russia and the Soviet Union, Palestine and Israel, North Africa, and the United States, preserving communities and environments that vanished long ago. Synagogues, schools, stores, and marketplaces filled with men, women, and children come to life on the face side of these postcards. Personal messages on the reverse side of the cards reveal daily communications and mirror contemporary attitudes of and toward the Jewish population around the world. 


1890s – 1970s


Most of the Judaica Postcards Collection was assembled over the course of many years by a deltiologist living in Germany. Smaller complementary additions to the core collection were made from mostly European private collections and postcard shows. The collection was acquired by the Blavatnik Archive in 2004–2006 from an anonymous postcard dealer. The holdings capture a wide scope of modern Judaica as portrayed in both popular and very rare cards.


Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Palestine and Israel, Belarus, England, France, Galicia, Germany, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, United States; a limited number feature Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Romania, Moldova, Czech Republic, Syria, Turkey, Greece, Switzerland, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan 


Judaism and culture: way of life, traditions, customs and practices, cuisines, literature, arts, languages, ethnographic types, merchants, social services; Jewish architecture, religious objects, rites and ceremonies: synagogues, texts, prayer, devotion, biblical stories; Anti-Semitism and persecution: pogroms, refugees, discrimination, exile; Jewish and Israeli holidays and observances; Judaism and politics; Jewish resistance; Holocaust; Palestine and Israel