Rashel Solomonovna (Zalmanovna) Shulova (nee Berezina) was born on June 25, 1923 in Riga, Latvia. Before the war she completed a private gymnasium, where all lessons were conducted in Hebrew. At home, family members spoke Hebrew and German. After the start of war Rashel was among a youth group evacuated to Ivanovo, where the Latvian government was transferred, and then to Ufa. Fluent in German since childhood, Rashel served as a translator in Reconnaissance, at the headquarters of the 1st Guards Mechanized Corps. She frequently had to advance to neutral territory before battle and read aloud announcements in German that had been prepared by headquarters. Awarded with the Order of the Great Patriotic War, Rashel demobilized in 1947, returned to Riga, graduated from a conservatory, and performed with the Riga Opera Theater. In 1980 she emigrated to Israel. Interview was recorded on March 27, 2008, in Jerusalem.

The work of a frontline translator.

Being awarded Order of the Patriotic war, 1st class.

People were disposable, equipment was spared.

The tragic fate of Shulova’s family members.