Efraim Borisovich Paperniy was born on October 2, 1925 in Chernihiv, Ukraine. Having completed nine grades, one week after war erupted Paperniy fled Chernihiv, worked for a short time in Voroshilovgrad, and then continued his flight to Barnaul where his mother was evacuated. Drafted, he was trained in Moscow in radio communications, and was deployed to the 716th Separate Division of Communications. Serving as commander of mid-range radio station, he participated in breaking through the Leningrad blockade, liberation of Donbass, and crossing of the Bug River. Wounded near Odessa, Paperniy spent three months in a hospital before he returned to the Front. He participated in fierce combat in Hungary, near Székesfehérvár, and celebrated victory in Austria. After demobilization Paperniy graduated from high school, studied journalism in college, and then law at the Leningrad University. He worked at several newspapers and at the Institute of Agriculture. In 1990 Paperniy and his family emigrated to Israel. Interview was recorded on March 9, 2008, in Tel-Aviv.

A radio operator serving in his first combat mission.

The last words of a radio operator in the battle of Nikolaev.

Responsibility of a political officer on the front lines.

Wounded, Paperniy refuses to leave his unit.