Mikhail Isaakovich Boguslavsky was born on September 6, 1921 in Kanev, Kiev oblast, Belarus. A year later the family moved to Dniepropetrovsk. In 1939 Mikhail graduated high school, received a military service deferment due to a medical condition, and enrolled in university, history major. On August 9 1941 Mikhail was drafted, and in a group of mobilized students was evacuated to Astrakhan military school. In June 1942 he completed training, was awarded the rank of Lieutenant, and was assigned to a reserve rifle brigade where marching companies were prepared for the front. In 1943 Mikhail was assigned to the headquarters of the 35th Corps. Serving as division communications officer and rifle company commander, he participated in operations at the Battle of Kursk, in Bryansk, in Belorussia, Poland and Germany. Moreover, he participated in forced river crossings at Sozh, Drut, Narew, Vistula, and Oder Rivers. On February 25, 1944 Boguslavsky was wounded, and after 2 months in a hospital, returned to his division. Celebrating victory day near the Elbe River, Boguslavsky was awarded with two Orders of the Red Star and with the Order of the Patriotic War. He demobilized in 1965, and emigrated to Israel in 1997. Interview was recorded in Tel-Aviv on March 4, 2008.

Saving a civilian life.