Lev Genrikhovich Manevich was  born on March 2, 1923 on a farm in Viktorovka, Mogilev oblast, Belorussia. Born to a Jewish peasant family, Manevich finished seven grades in a Belorussian school, two-year teaching college in Orsha, and one year at the Minsk University before war erupted. Drafted on the second day after the war started, he spent one month in training and was directed to the Southwestern Front. In the summer of 1942 his regiment was encircled in the area of Severskiy Donets and Manevich was taken prisoner. He survived POW camps located in Soviet German occupied territory and in Germany. After liberation Manevich returned to Belarus, graduated from the Mogilev Teaching Institute and worked at collective farm schools, teaching history, constitution and German language. Interview was recorded in Vitebsk, Belarus, in 2009.

A Belorussian Jew who survived five Nazi POW camps.

Cannot stop thinking about family that was killed by German-Fascist occupiers.