The Blavatnik Archive Foundation is a non-profit foundation dedicated to the preservation and dissemination of primary resources that contribute to the study of 20th century Jewish and world history, with a special emphasis on WWI, WWII and the interwar period. The Archive's holdings total approximately 90,000 physical and native digital assets, including archival photographs, letters, documents and ephemera, and nearly 1,200 contemporary oral testimonies with Jewish veterans who fought in the Soviet armed forces and partisan units during WWII. The Blavatnik Archive is committed to sharing its holdings as widely as possible for both research and public education. Recognizing that physical preservation and digitization are not enough to ensure public engagement, the Archive is focused on promoting its collections to diverse audiences through curated programming, educational curricula, social media promotion, institutional collaboration, and product development. The Blavatnik Archive was founded in 2005 by American industrialist and philanthropist, Len Blavatnik.