Westchester, NY     I     May 12 - 14

Blavatnik Archive is thrilled to be presenting at 2017 Limmud FSU in Westchester, NY.

In a visually rich presentation - “Power of the Message” - together with the audience, we explore the social media of the Greatest Generation: messages sent from the front, emotionally revealing coming-of-age diary entries, poignant reflections on loss, love, and bravery in unimaginable circumstances. Together, we will pause to imagine: What will our legacy be? What messages do we want to leave behind? 

Check back to see the full presentation in a few days!

And for our conference participants, we would be thrilled if you would fill out a short survey here. We ask for your input to help us provide new content and tools for facilitating the exploration of personal heritage, identity and community - thank you.